About YOU

Are these familiar?

  • You are an executive director of a nonprofit and need assistance in communicating a new vision to the board of directors.
  • You are a charity with the desire to re-design your logo and website.
  • You are a member of a board of trustees of a corporation, and need help framing an important idea for an upcoming presentation.
  • You are a faculty member at a local community college who is working to get buy-in from colleagues about a new program.
  • You are a restaurant owner with concerns about management/staff relations.
  • You are a public school teacher who is trying to build your faculty senate from the ground up.
  • You are a bartender with concerns about a safety policy at the pub.
  • You are a group of people who work in a non-profit office searching for a way to keep the organization going.
  • You are a housing cooperative in need of a facilitator for a very important meeting.
  • You are an indie rock group, who just got signed to a major label, and need to come to some internal agreements.
  • You are a small group of employees in an insurance firm with concerns about a company policy.
  • You are a minister and a probation officer working to persuade authorities to support a youth peacemaking initiative.


If this sounds like you, let’s work together.

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