What People Say About Us


“Hi Steve,

Thank you again for facilitating yesterday. You had your work cut out for you. That was the final meeting in a long string of complicated meetings and thank to your hard work, we have succeeded in meeting our agenda’s goals!.. I picked up a few things you did that really impressed me. Early on you noticed the use of certain language and helped us zoom out a bit to see more clearly. You did a good job of summarizing or reflecting back what you heard people saying…   Overall I found you deeply compassionate, fair and even, considerate and helpful.  I thought your role was pivotal.”

    –  A participant in a meeting between two merging housing cooperatives  

Community Organizing/Consensus Building 

“Hi, Steve.

I’m not sure I did such a good job expressing this at the time, but I do appreciate all the hard work you did on behalf of the  faculty and students.  You have a great ability to build consensus and make people feel like their opinions matter.  I admire that; it is quite challenging to do.”

      –   Colleague, 1st grade teacher

“Mr. Lawrence,

We are both advocates for justice and peace. You deserve all the kudos for the way you handled the Faculty Senate concerns and the school climate issues at our school with great boldness and much patience.”

      –  Colleague, 5th grade ESL teacher


You are by far one of the most determined and passionate teacher, I have had the privilege to meet. I was delighted to work with someone who always had a purpose , who could envision the changes and who was courageous in finding solutions.  It is with incredible respect that I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

      –  Colleague, 7th grade Science teacher

“Mr. Lawrence,

…Your great ability to organize the masses will be missed. You have a way of making us really think about what is for the benefit of the building instead of our small section of the school.”

      –  Colleague, 8th grade Math teacher

“Mr. Lawrence,

…. I was always struck by your passion and drive to create community and improve the climate of our school.    You will surely be missed.”

      –  Colleague, Kindergarten teacher

“Mr. Lawrence,

You will always be my fellow colleague.  I will miss seeing you in the hallways which always reminded me to focus on having a good strong positive spirit….Please take care of yourself and maybe we will cross each others paths in the future.  I will miss you tremendously as a collegue and a friend.”

      –  Colleague, After School Program


I am sure the students will miss you terribly and so will the staff. You were a wonderful member …. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and leadership qualities will take you places!”

      –  Colleague, 3rd grade Special Education teacher